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We specialize

in the knowledgeable gathering and analysis of relevant information as it applies to the unique needs of our Clients for the past 19 years.  Our personnel, offering extensive industry competitive and business intelligence, as well as market research experience, provide strategic, tactical, and operational insight into the issues at hand.  Relevant business and competitive information is compiled, integrated, and analyzed, facilitating actionable conclusions accompanied by productive outcome-directed recommendations.

Market Research issues are carefully evaluated, with in-depth questionnaires designed to extract maximally useful information.  Quantitative information is evaluated for overall and specific subject matter patterns and trends, and statistically analyzed utilizing state-of-the-art tools. Qualitative information is elicited in a two-step approach, designed to explore initial responses in the greatest depth possible, and derive applicable mindset and decision-making criteria thought processes.

Quality assurance is our ultimate and unending goal. Client confidentiality is maintained throughout.


Our worldwide capabilities

extend across every major industry, in more than 250 markets, with customized services designed to fulfill broad based or targeted requirements. We ascertain every piece of the puzzle that encompasses the fund of knowledge surrounding the present and future landscape.

Our research teams are located inside the targeted markets and fluent in the local languages.  They are familiar with the local business environments, brand choice behavior, market specific characteristics such as size and share, and the process of customer product selection.  The result is commercially applicable data, yielding relevant primary information, conclusions and recommendations for our clients.

Our findings and analysis

are a clear, concise compendium of information accompanied by insightful, comprehensive analysis, conclusions, and issue and market relevant recommendations that are immediately executable as components in the strategic planning and decision-making process.

Presentation-ready reporting is designated to conform to our clients' company-specific formatting needs, address core questions of each project target and marketplace, and provide commercially applicable guidance that is designed to leverage existing market position, expand market share, facilitate effective launch strategies, and create formulas for heightened marketplace advantage.

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