Real World Daily Living and How your Product Fits In

Cultural usage and perceptions differ significantly, with consumer and business day-to-day product related practices often obscure, unspoken, and requiring skilled elicitation. Ethnography, originating as a historical anthropological concept, is now an integral part of opportunity, pipeline, conceptual, and product/service usage in-depth analysis and development.

The core of Ethnography is on-site video capture of routine daily practices involved in such tasks as diaper changing, personal hygiene, cooking, cleaning, shopping, manufacturing, or office machine usage, and other activities that are often viewed as routine by the participant. In-depth interviews are conducted surrounding practical usage, positively and negatively regarded components of the task or routine, and combined with sometimes obscure elements often derived from detailed video analysis.  The same concept has been applied to the manufacturing and business environments in generating carefully tailored, needs-based products and services.

Virtual ethnographic research is conducted through an online interface with consumers who have performed a series of tasks, including written descriptions and analysis along with video or pictorial documentation.  

The result of ethnographic research is products and services characterized by intrinsic features that more suitably adapt to applications and usage in their usual environment yielding significantly greater potential for sales success and enthusiastic positive generation of marketplace image.

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