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Our 1000+ experts, located in more than 250 world markets, cover every major industry and most smaller sectors.  Healthcare, Veterinary, Consumer Products, Manufacturing, IT, Retail, Construction, Telecommunications, Automotive, Hospitality, Utilities, Transportation, Financial Services, Education, Government, Agriculture, and Mining are just a few examples of our teams' areas of expertise.  

Each Expert Panel team member brings general as well as specialty industry knowledge to the table, backed by years of experience working in the field.  Power Capital Consulting experts offer our clients unique experientially based insights resulting in greater perception of marketplace patterns and industry trends that may elude those executing more superficial analyses without asking and extracting answers to the difficult questions.  Expert analysis is rendered within the framework of the targeted issues at hand, and geared toward commercially relevant, immediately applicable recommendations.  

Focus groups are staffed based upon your requirements as our client, and dynamically hosted in order to elicit maximal contributions, interaction, and foresight.

In those instances where you may have specialized expert requirements, our extensive network will access a wide selection of knowledgeable participants, thought leaders, business and consumer customers,  or virtually any other targeted group.

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