Targeted Intercept Studies

Intercept studies are conducted in public venues (sometimes privately owned, such as supermarkets and malls, with the owners' permission), in order to elicit information from the general population fitting demographic requirements requested by each client.

We staff intercept studies with up to 30 or more skilled, experienced interviewers, who obtain data from those who are present at the time of the research.  Usually incentives are offered in the form of gift cards or other valuable tender when indicated. Data is collected on tablets or paper, compiled, entered into our statistical analysis and qualitative analysis software solutions, and detailed quantitative and qualitative results and conclusions are generated. 

The Power Capital Consulting team has conducted intercept studies with trade show attendees (e.g., ASCO), transit riders, bank customers, mall customers, park visitors, retail shoppers, supermarket shoppers, stadium attendees, and swap meet visitors among many others over the years.  Timelines and costs vary according to the size of the sample, the number of questions asked, and the construct of the study.

Reports are generated with quantitative and qualitative results illustrating clear answers to questions asked, as well as deeper trends, subtrends, correlations, outlier and other data analysis, and presented in graphic and PowerPoint format in an easily readible, reeadily interpretable design.  
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Intercept Studies
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