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Intravenous Iron Marketplace
Strategic Sales Force Overview

3Q, 2007

Watson Pharmaceuticals is a generics company with several branded products.  Ferrlecit and INFeD have yielded noticeable growth, with Ferrlecit sales accounting for 7% of net 2006 revenue and 17% of profit growth.  Watson describes their sales force strategy as, “niche, targeted, and focused”.  35% of sales in 2006 were McKesson originated, with Cardinal and Amerisource-Bergen distribution contributing significantly as well. 

Watson has created a marketing and sales promotional mix that is education-focused, exemplified by their Active Iron Management program.  They utilize several Ferrlecit marketing tools, including DVDs in English and Spanish, and patient education materials.  Competitive sources have noted some sales force angst as a result of decreased promotional item availability relative to their competitors, as well as the discontinuation of “Lunch ‘n Learn” rapport building educational seminars.  Various benefits have been withdrawn, although the Nephrology reps derive greater salary as compared to their non-Nephrology counterparts at Watson.  Single representative territory assignment with broad geographic coverage is currently in place, with management reorganization proceeding.

American Regent emphasizes one-on-one service, employing their “real person” calling inside and outside sales practices in a marketplace where competitors often utilize automated voice mail updates.  Sales territories are sizable, and representatives conduct their detailing while fulfilling continuing education responsibilities.  Professional speaker’s bureau and clinical specialists are employed, with continuing encouragement provided to medical professionals as to the utilization of their education services.  Quality customer service is one of American Regents’ major selling points, although single location contact with limited hours may not equilibrate to that of various competitors.  American Regent’s market share capture has resulted in substantial revenue generation since the 2001 launch.

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