Computer Assisted Telecommunications, Online, and Personal Interviewing

Leveraging of software and online technology advances has resulted in online migration of questionnaire structuring, respondent selection, interview methodologies, and data compilation.

Our participant telephone, online, and face-to-face interviewing and information gathering is supported, compiled, and analyzed by a combination of human expertise and systems compilation, statistical analysis, graphical representation, and actionable reporting.

The Power Capital Consulting team has been interviewing and eliciting information on a daily basis for our clients during the past 18 years.  We are a group of seasoned, highly skilled experts, who pool our expertise in providing our clients with on point, in-depth, applicable data, customer and client mindset analysis, conclusions, and commercially applicable recommendations.

As with our other services, a large array of statistical analysis (CHAID, cluster, conjoint, correlation, linear and non-linear regression, factor, and multivariate analysis, multidimensional scaling, structural equation modeling, others) alternatives are available in assisting our derivation of meaningful results and formulating recommendations.
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