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in more than 250 markets, across the industry spectrum, applying cumulative decades of expertise among Power Capital Consulting's 1000+ member team. Project and questionnaire design, probing customer perceptive and behavioral elements, industry trends, sales and marketing strategies, and a vast array of other issues instrumental in data gathering, and crucial to meaningful analysis. Questionnaires are tailored to probe the issues as well as the myriad factors involved in the decision-making process that influence each participant as they consider product, service, brand, feature, and price point choices.

The Power Capital Consulting team has been conducting market researchinterviewing customers, employees, and competitors, and putting this information to work for our clients on a daily basis for the past 18 years. We are a group of seasoned, highly skilled experts, who pool our expertise in providing our clients with on point, in-depth, applicable data, B2B and B2C analyses, verified conclusions, and commercially applicable recommendations.

Market Research issues are carefully evaluated, with in-depth questionnaires designed to extract maximally useful information.  Quantitative information is dissected for overall and specific subject matter patterns and trends, and statistically analyzed utilizing state-of-the-art tools. Qualitative information is elicited in a two-step approach designed to explore initial responses in the greatest depth possible, and derive in-depth insights into behavioral trends and outcomes through verification discussions with study participants.

Power Capital Consulting offers customer satisfaction, acquisition, and retention research through detailed inquiry of perceptions as a criteria for products and/or services choices.  ROI generated by market research can be considerable, as evidenced by
measurable improvements in market share, sales revenue, and enterprise growth as a result of a more loyal, satisfied customer base following recommendations enactment.  

A wide array of statistical analyses, including CHAID, cluster, conjoint, correlation, linear and non-linear regression, factor, and multivariate analysis, multidimensional scaling, structural equation modeling, and others is provided, in analyzing data from various standpoints, deriving sometimes inapparent factor relationships leading to insightful conclusive results, and formulating commercially applicable recommendations.

Quality assurance is our ultimate and unending goal. Client confidentiality is maintained throughout.


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Quantitative Research

Custom designed market research is the next step after general marketplace analysis has been completed utilizing secondary and in-house data. Our Client's products, services, and markets are most often characterized by issues, trends, and customer activity that require answers to questions targeted to their specific needs.

Offline databases and online digital asset utilization enable the provision of highly targeted research, marketing, and tracking programs tailored to purchase (retail transaction data), online (browsing, searches, buying), and demographics (age, occupation, location, interests, household data, etc.) contributing to meaningful findings. Client databases are often employed in our studies, particularly those evaluating customer satisfaction, past and future buying behavior, voice of the customer, and company, brand, site, or price tier choices, among many other variables.  Power Capital Consulting can design high-yield survey structures and questionnaires, with excellent participant response rates with or without Client data input.

Our staff has been working with SPSS since the days of data input by card deck, fed to systems that occupied the better part of an entire floor. Our multiple software tools gather, compile, and analyze data more expediently these days, providing targeted individual and group behavioral, as well as broader marketplace analysis at levels made possible by technological innovation during the past several years.

Please click here for detailed information regarding Quantitative Research & Analysis.

Qualitative Research

Customers, suppliers, distributors, competitors, and others usually develop specific observations and conclusions regarding their experience with your products, services, technologies, and other elements within a your marketplace. Cumulative analysis of sufficient numbers of respondents generally yields commonalities of perception, as well as unique insights that might not emerge from a quantitative approach.  Rapport building is important, and our teams are seasoned experts in maximizing conversational respondent elicitation.

While quantitative data lends itself to detailed statistical analysis, open-ended responses provide probing insights into the customer's or business partner's specific thought process, trigger factors, corporate and brand image perceptions, and the elements required to change their thought process. Although pricing is important for many purchase decisions, value for the money, reliability, historical events for that customer, sales personnel rapport, contracting policies, product availability, shipping and delivery timelines and carriers, and a broad mix of additional, market-specific factors are often considered.

The Power Capital Consulting team has 18 years of experience probing the issues for our clients, providing relevant, commercially applicable analysis. Recommendations are tailored to directly support decision-making as to future strategies designed to increase market share and yield revenue generation growth.

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