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Media Overview

Online holiday sales declined this season for the first time in many years.  The economy has reigned in growth rates of 20% annually, rarely sustainable in any industry for a prolonged period of time.

Advertising revenue is falling in many markets, with corporate budgets  experiencing relative tightening.  Television production budgets on several of the leading weekly prime time series have experienced mandated contraction, at the level of approximately 2%. 

The Publishing Industry, dealing with the online competitive threat for some time now, has seen a decline in print advertising revenues as a result of the current economic atmosphere.  Increasing utilization of online information delivery and advertising continues as an expanding standard of practice within the present competitive landscape.
Cable and Satellite

The Cable and Satellite sector continues to experience increasing competition with a general oversupply of networks.  The average household receives 90 channels, while the average consumer watches 14 - 15 of those. 

The advertising downturn in 2009 is projected to continue to affect internet advertising, with large scale local station buying remaining a logistical challenge.  Bundling of national network advertising provides minimal incremental costs in the purchase of whole networks vs. leading market packages.  Overall volume of cable network advertising has declined relative to the networks.  Automobile Industry sales declines have and will continue to affect advertising presence in 2009. 

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