The Consumer Shopping Experience

From the moment the customer spots your store, facility, or warehouse, voluntary and involuntary responses occur, with perceptive opinion modifications resulting from color schemes, product displays, choice of inventory, personnel interactions, lighting, layout, pricing, and an array of additional stimuli. Hospitality customers develop instantaneous impressions of facility accommodations, services, personnel, restaurant facilities, and other amenities, sequentially revised based upon their ongoing on-site, online, and interactive experiences.

The Mystery Shopper's responsibility is to register, remember, and report each of these impressions, along with their causation if known and/or requested by you as our client.  As part of our analysis, we compile the data gathered, provide specific commercially applicable conclusions, and provide practical executable recommendations. 

Power Capital consulting, with one of the most extensive Mystery Shopper networks in the industry, can place our team members virtually anywhere on the globe.  Our reporting is based on a mutually synthesized questionnaire, qualitatively and quantitatively analyzed as applied to each engagement, and reported to you as our client in an easily read, issue-oriented format.
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