• Comprehensive, Decision-Facilitating, Existing and Emerging Competitor Analyses
  • Competitor Products and Strategies: Positioning, Profitability, Marketing, Personnel, Pricing, Opportunity Analysis, Product Perceptions, Intelligence, and Counter-Intelligence
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Market Research: Brand Choice and Loyalty, Receptivity to Change, Influential Factors, Positioning, Marketplace Image, Pricing, Favored Sales Force Strategies and Rapport Building, Respondent Customer Preferences, Market Size and Share, Predictive Modeling
  • Manufacturing Issues:  Material and Labor Costs, Raw Material Sourcing and Supply, Equipment - Configuration, Expansion, Maintenance, Functionality, Capacity Utilization dynamics, Infrastructure Issues, Vertical Horizontal Integration, Labor Force - Capability, Cost, Efficiency and Satisfaction, Certification, Utilities, Outsourcing, Future Plans
  • Sales and Marketing:  Customers,Geographic Factors, Training, Bidding/Closing Strategies, Product Line Depth and Breadth, Sales Volume, Niche Targeting, Competitive Product Image Portrayal, Sampling, Marketing Strategies

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