Open-Ended Interviewing, Focus Groups, Ethnography, Bulletin Boards, Mobile Environment, Video Diaries, Social Media  

Open-ended questionnaires and one-on-one interviewing are designed to provide in-depth insights into specific issues related to the respondents product or service usage, workplace role, and work environment.  Elicitation is targeted toward specific issues, and often transforms and adapts to the lifestyles, responses, communication style, skillset, and information the individual possesses and to which they have access.

Online Survey Research, blog, chat, forum, feedback and review tracking can provide important indications of corporate, product/service and overall marketplace image.  

Ethnography, in-store shopping behavior defining the retail experience, social media use, customer satisfaction, and purchase decision-making are all crucial components of the customer and client decision-making and behavioral characteristics.

Social media, mobile data, video diaries, and focus groups each provide various types of qualitative information that, in combination with quantitative data when applicable, offer unique insight into the issues at hand.
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