Strategic Foresight, Adaptability, and Preparedness

One of the certainties of the business world is change, and the intrinsic uncertainty of future markets, environments, political settings, economic conditions, and positive or negative events that can dramatically alter the business environment as well as future dynamics and outlook.

Rapidity of response to changing conditions, the capability to effectively deal with business environment metamorphosis, strategic flexibility and outside the box thinking where advantageous and appropriate, as well as organizational adaptability contribute to the potential to thrive in situations that might otherwise be considered adverse.

As with any other effective corporate pursuit, management buy-in along with participation in the process at certain levels, will increase the likelihood of successful outcomes.  Establishment of client objectives and commitment at initiation, access to organizational experts, information sources, and decision-makers, as well as the time commitment necessary to progress through the steps and complete the process are important.

We usually begin by defining the present business environment based upon recently gathered information originating from internal, external, primary, secondary, and other research sources.  Objectives, deliverables, timelines, and cost are established with you as our client as to your desired end result, a proposal is submitted to you, the contract is completed, and the process is initiated.

The Scenario Planning exercise with Power Capital Consulting involves organization discussion, whether point-in-time in initiating the necessary processes and procedures for future scenarios, or ongoing in anticipation and reaction to (sometimes previously delineated and with existing strategic plans in place as a result of our efforts) dynamic business environments.  

Establishment of the receptivity, flexibility, and adaptability of the organization to reasonably explore several scenarios is crucial.  Scenarios are constructed and classified across a range of knowledge and expectations, usually including one conservative and largely anticipated setting, one largely unanticipated scenario with some predictable elements, and more than one iteration of outlying, unexpected, or extreme scenarios, with elements that may not have previously been considered or may be unknown at present.  

Obviously your industry will have unique characteristics that will be incorporated into the agenda and discussions, emphasizing the importance of team participation and time investment.

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