Innovation in Customer Needs, Satisfaction, Relationship Management, and Responsive Business Modification 

Voice of the Customer (VoC) is defined as customized customer feedback collection, preferences quantitation and analysis leading to business model, processes, and procedures modifications in addressing existing customer perceptions and issues. 

Timing, targeting, and content are designed to produce maximal audience responses coupled with the message to the customer that the business is interested in their interactions and reactions, and is willing to make changes that will augment their future relationship with the company.  The combination of strategic questionnaire design, software and online tools integration, and carefully planned customer contact customarily yields the highest response rates and actionable information.

Part of the VoC analysis is not only what is communicated, but the manner in which the communication is generated.  Analysis of speech and writing patterns can provide abundant information as to thought processes and opinions that might never emerge utilizing raw communication.

Power Capital Consulting assembles a comprehensive VoC program assisting clients in effectively capturing and analyzing customer data, followed by specific, responsive interventional recommendations, resulting in measurable ROI as a product of a more satisfied, active and interactive customer base.

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